We are thrilled to host you at Aerie Studio. Below is an overview of the terms and conditions for renting the studio, which help to ensure clients have a seamless experience. If you have any questions, please email Wherein “Company” is defined as Nest Studio, LLC, doing business as Aerie Studio. “Studio” includes the studio, parking area, and all equipment, props, furnishings, fixtures, and amenities located in the studio. The “Renter” is you, the person or entity renting the Premises.


Booking the Premises through constitutes your acknowledgment of, and agreement with this Rental Agreement and Terms of Studio Use (“Agreement”). Any FAQs or other information posted to are fully incorporated into this Agreement which serves as a legal document governing your reservation and rental of the Premises.


Rental rates are set by the most current version of the rental rates and/or pricing list in effect at the time of booking. Renter agrees to pay said rental rates and charges for use of Studio, studio labor, cleaning, services, equipment, props and amenities. Any other rates, charges, or costs associated with any rentals or services not listed online will be furnished upon request.


In order to confirm and hold a reservation, all rental fees must be paid in full at the time of booking. In the case of additional charges, these fees will be charged to the credit card used at the time of booking the Studio. Your rental time begins and ends promptly at the start and end times designated in the booking confirmation. Your reservation time is inclusive of set up, break-down, and clean-up. The company reserves the right to charge up to a 4% processing fee for all credit card transactions.


Renter acknowledges all additional charges listed on the website that may be imposed and the amounts that Renter will be liable to pay Company for Renter’s additional use(s) of the Premises. For example, Renter agrees to pay an additional $300 for all shoots with more than 10 people present at the Premises. Renter also agrees to pay a late fee of $10 per minute for time Renter exceeds their reservation time. Other additional charges may include, without limitation, overtime charges, labor charges, cleaning and waste removal charges, painting and repair charges, and any other charges determined by Premises.


Rental periods are pre-arranged at the time of booking. Renter’s rental time begins promptly at the designated reservation time and ends promptly at the designated ending time and does not includes set up and break-down. Rental periods are between the hours of 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM, Monday through Sunday unless otherwise noted and agreed upon by Company. Extended hours may be available upon request and must be pre-paid prior to start of rental period. The Premises are also available on holidays upon request. Rental fees and reservation time slots for studio rental may be found at Hourly overtime charges will be imposed for scheduling and use of the Premises before 8:00 AM and or after 9:00 PM. If Renter is late, the arrival time of Renter does not change the reservation start time, therefore, if a Renter arrives later than the reservation start time, the neither the start time nor the end time will not be changed, and Renter will be subject to any and all late fees. The late fee is calculated by how many minutes past the reservation end time that the Renter vacates the Premises. The late fee is $10 per minute every minute past the original reservation time period. The card on file will be charged the late fee the following day. For example, if Renter’s reservation ends at 2:00PM and Renter exits at 2:15PM, Renter will be charged a late fee of $150.


The Premise is shared studio, and the Company aims maintain a professional and respectful environment. Renter will be solely responsible for the conduct and welfare of all persons accompanying Renter while on Company’s Premises. Renter agrees and acknowledges that a Company may, at Company’s sole discretion, be present at all times. If Company observes or otherwise becomes aware of dangerous, illegal or negligent practices or activities, or violation of this Agreement, Company reserves the right to stop the activity and may require Renter and Renter’s party to leave immediately. In such case, no refund will be given for unused time. However, Company and its representatives assume no responsibility to act in such cases.


No smoking or vaping whatsoever is allowed in the building or within 30 feet of the building exterior.

No smoke machines, open flame of any kind, fireworks of any kind, including sparklers, are prohibited.

Any persons under the influence of alcohol or other substances will be denied entry into the studio.

Illegal drugs, firearms, explosives, and, explicit sexual activity and pornography are strictly prohibited. Company reserves the right to immediately cancel the reservation without refund if such activity occurs.

Please estimate the total number of people in your event. Ask ahead if you have a group larger than 10 people. Renter may bring up to 10 people for photoshoots. If you will be bringing in more than 10 people during your booking, there is a mandatory $250 cleaning fee.

Children must be supervised at all times.

No pets allowed without prior consent of Company.

When pets are allowed on the Premises, Renter is responsible for any damage or destruction caused by Renter’s pets.

Set-up, breakdown and cleanup fall within the reservation period. It is Renter’s responsibility to accommodate time for and to execute setup, breakdown, and cleanup to avoid additional charges and fees.

Renter will pay all fees for late arrival.

Company is not responsible for lost items.

If you leave personal items, equipment or props at the Premises, Company may dispose of your property if the property is left at the Premises for more than 7 calendar days from booking time, regardless of property’s value.

Leaving vehicles on the Premises overnight is prohibited.

Striking needs of any kind may result in additional fees.

Studio is not responsible for the quality of lighting as a result of weather conditions.

Nails, tacks or staples may not be used on the walls or any surfaces in the Premises.

If tape is used, it must be painter’s tape.

Also, no glitter or confetti of any kind is allowed anywhere on the Premises. Usage of these items will result in additional fees being charged to the credit card used for booking the studio or event rental.

You are responsible for any damage that occurs on the Premises within your rental booking period.

Music is to be kept at reasonable levels and should be disturb neighboring businesses or homes.

Food and drink must stay in the designated areas.

Company may monitor all activities at the Premises.


At the time, NO REFUNDS will be given in the event of cancellation. All cancellations by Renter must be submitted in writing or by email. After 15 minutes of the start time of reservation and Renter does not arrive, Renter will be deemed a No-Show.  No-Shows will result in forfeiture of any rental fees, deposits or other payments made to ompany.  Changes to reservations may be made in writing by emailing up to 72 hours prior to your confirmed reservation.  Changes are not guaranteed and will be subject to availability.


Renter agrees to leave the Premises and all contents, fixtures, furnishings, equipment, amenities, and props in the same condition as they were when Renter arrived. The studio must be cleaned and vacated by the end of the rental period. No prior drop-off of Renter’s own equipment or props before the rental period or pick-up after the rental period is allowed unless such additional time is agreed to and paid for prior to the beginning of the rental period. The Company will dispose of trash collected in the supplied disposal bins. All items brought to the Premises by Renter are to be removed by Renter. Disposal of large amounts of garbage due to large sets may accrue additional costs. Items left behind by renter are not the responsbility of the Company.  As a courtesy, if Company recovers the item, Company will attempt to contact Renter and retain the item(s) for 7 calendar days.  After such time frame, the item(s)  will be assumed abandoned and will be discarded or kept by the Company for Company use at Company’s discretion, with no compensation due to the Renter. If Renter does not return Premises to the order and cleanliness found when Renter arrived, Company will charge at minimum a $150 cleaning fee. If you will be bringing in more than 10 people during your booking, there is a mandatory $250 cleaning fee. Renter is responsible for any damage to the Premises during the booking period from the time access to the Premises is granted to the Renter, including spills, scratches, excessive wear, marks, or stains on equipment, props, amenities, fixtures, floors, or painted surfaces. Once you access the Premises, contact the Company immediately if you feel there is damage to the Premises that we should be aware of. Equipment and props must be returned to their proper storage place. Props damaged by Renter will incur a cleaning or replacement fee based on damage. Any damage done to walls will incur a minimum charge of $250.


Renter agrees and acknowledges that Company may conduct video surveillance of any portion of its Premises at any time, with the exception of private areas such as restrooms, showers, and dressing rooms. Video cameras will be positioned in appropriate places within and around the Premises and used in order to help promote the safety and security of people and property.


Except as the Parties may otherwise expressly agree in writing, each Party will continue to own its existing patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and other intellectual property, without conferring any interests therein on the other Party. Without limiting the generality of the preceding sentence, Company will retain all rights, titles, and interests arising under the applicable laws, rules, and regulations in and to all intellectual property rights associated with the Premises and services provided therefrom (collectively, “Company’s Intellectual Property”). Neither Renter nor any third party will acquire any right, title or interest in Company Intellectual Property by virtue of this Agreement or otherwise, except to the extent expressly provided herein.


Meals, snacks and beverages are welcome during rental periods.  It is the responsibility of Renter to clean up after themselves and any persons in attendace with Renter. Alcohol will not be permitted on Premise at any time and use or consumption of alcohol will result Renter being asked to leave and future rentals in jeopardy.


Renter is required, prior to rental, to present a certificate of general liability insurance naming Company as additionally insured on the dates of the rental. Renter’s liability insurance will be deemed primary and non-contributory insurance in the event of any claim or suit. Liability insurance will be Commercial General Liability with a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence and general aggregate.


Renter is solely responsible for verifying that all photographic subjects are of legal age. Company has no responsibility to determine or verify the age of participants in the renter’s activities but reserves the right to demand proof of parental consent if models or photographic subjects are under the age of 18 and to end those activities if Company deems illegal or inappropriate.